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"An Amazingly Entertaining Program For Your Event That Your Guests Will Rave About - GUARANTEED!"

These days, it is difficult to find a way to make sure your event will create a lasting impression. Anyone can turn on the television and see a multitude of nameless comedians, magicians, and musicians. Quality entertainment that will please everyone is hard to come by.

Brent Allan presents a unique blend of unusual stunts of the mind and body combined with a hilarious wit. The show gets the entire audience involved, laughing in delight and gasping in astonishment at the amazing feats Brent performs.

The crowd is treated to unusual displays of mental acrobatics, awesome impossibilities, and unique demonstrations of skill.

There is a little bit of magic, a little bit of sideshow, a little bit of comedy, and a little bit of something that can't be defined, but they combine to make a truly unique entertainment experience unlike anything else in the world.

Your guests will thank you for the wonderful experience and you will look like the most brilliant person in the world!

(OK, that may be a slight exaggeration, but you'll still end up looking pretty darned good as the person who decided to book the show.)

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5 Reasons You Can Have Complete Confidence That Brent Allan is the Right Choice for Your Event . . .

1) Unoffensive - Freely admitting that there is nothing supernatural or mystical about his abilities, Brent's shows will not contradict or offend anyone's personal beliefs. Furthermore, Brent does not use any potentially offensive material or humor, so event planners can rest assured that everyone will enjoy the show.

2) Unique and Original
- Brent's show is unlike anything the audience will have seen before, nor are they likely to ever witness anything like it. His unbelievable feats will literally have people gasping in amazement.

3) Audience Participation
- This show is all about the audience. Everyone gets involved and has a great time as Brent takes them along on an incredible journey through his own private reality of magic, zaniness, and fun.

4) Fully Customizable
- Have a theme for your event? Brent can customize the presentation to match your theme. Trying to promote a product, service, or message? The very nature of the performance lends itself to imbedding a message or name into the memories of everyone present.

5) Hassle-Free
- Brent's shows are turnkey in the respect that he does not require a lot of special help from you. Just book him, tell him where he needs to go, promote the show, and set him loose! This means you can concentrate on the other details of the event, secure in the knowledge that the entertainment is going to go smoothly and is going to be a huge hit!

Brent's performances are versatile in that they can be done in just about any environment, from a crowded exhibit hall to a showroom to an outdoor festival. This makes it an ideal choice for a huge variety of events, such as trade shows, fund-raisers, banquets, or any type of event that can benefit from some top-quality entertainment by one of the industry's premiere performers.

Look what one CEO had to say about Brent Allan

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Such fantastic results are the reason why Brent's performances are sought after by such organizations as:

  • Baxter International, Inc.
  • Faircom Corporation
  • LaSalle Bank
  • Swedish Covenant Hospital
  • Early Music Now
  • IHOP
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Festivals International
  • National City Bank
  • AV Royal Optical
  • as well as numerous private engagements!
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Brent is available to travel to all 50 states for your event. He performs more than 100 shows each year, all over the United States. Will your event be one of them?

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If you would like more information on how Brent Allan can help make your event a tremendous success, fill out the form below right now and Brent will rush you some information about how he can create a customized entertainment solution for your event.

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You can have absolute confidence that you will receive a top-notch performance that the attendees of your event will absolutely love! That is why I absolutely guarantee my services. If you engage Brent for an event and you are not completely thrilled with the show, shake his hand and send him on his way. That performance will be a gift to you, and you will pay NOTHING!

In over 18 years of performing, nobody has ever requested a refund. That is how confident you can be that your event will be absolutely spectacular!

Don't delay! Act immediately to begin the journey to the most successful events your organization has ever had. Fill out the form above or call Brent at 1-888-801-8539. It may be the best decision you make all year.

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